Concert’s programme of reflection on war

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From: Ernie Marsden, Coach Road, Sleights, Whitby.

OF late, national and local awareness has rightly been 
much concerned with responding to the centenary of the declaration of war on August 4, 1914, by Great Britain on a belligerent aggressor.

The consequences of this act throughout the world have been catastrophic, and to this day continue to be felt, by very many people.

To commemorate the centenary of this devastating event, a concert of choral and orchestral music is to be given in St Hilda’s Church, West Cliff, Whitby, at 7.30pm on November 22 which happens also to be St Cecila’s Day (she is the patron saint of musicians).

Jenkins’ popular The Armed Man – A Mass for Peace was performed by us in 2008, but the works planned for November have never before been performed in Whitby. The Daley Requiem has, at the time of this writing, seldom been performed in the UK.

To complement the programme, the orchestra 
will play Samuel Barber’s 
Adagio for Strings, a deeply reflective and moving work.

Bearing in mind the significance of this forthcoming occasion, we are hoping to 
see in November many old friends and many new ones 
as well.