Council looks to the sun for power

OCCUPANTS of about 1,000 council homes could benefit if a pilot scheme to install solar panels on roofs in Leeds is approved.

The idea being developed by Leeds City Council in partnership with locally-based social enterprise CES would mean greatly reduced electricity bills for the tenants.

The energy generated by the roof top solar panels would save tenants more than 100 a year on average, with the surplus being sold back to the National Grid.

Extra income received from government incentives would be shared between the council and the not-for-profit CES and ploughed back into expanding this and other energy-saving schemes. Once up and running, the scheme could be extended to home-owners.

About 29 per cent of Leeds' carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions coming from domestic energy use.

Councillor David Blackburn, who chairs the council's cross-party environment and climate change working group, said: "There are so many benefits from this fantastic scheme."

Members of the city council's cabinet will discuss the pilot project when they meet next Wednesday.

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