Council workmen paint parking bay right across pensioner’s drive

Val Mason was shocked to find Doncaster Council had painted a parking space directly in front of her driveway. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
Val Mason was shocked to find Doncaster Council had painted a parking space directly in front of her driveway. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
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A DONCASTER pensioner has attacked council chiefs after workmen painted a parking bay directly across her driveway.

Grandmother Val Mason, 75, fears she will become a prisoner in her own home after the bay was positioned in front of the drive where her blue Fiat Punto is parked.

Mrs Mason, a widow from Wheatley, uses her car on a daily basis and relies on it to carry out her church warden work.

She has approached the council for help but has been told to call the police if anybody parks in the bay.

The council says drivers should know it is illegal to park in front of a driveway but Mrs Mason said it begged the question why they needed the bay in the first place.

She said: “I have been in touch with the council constantly since the parking scheme was announced to flag this up.

“They sent out letters in advance showing the plans for the street which were all colour-coded.

“I noticed straight away that the bay was planned to go right across my driveway so I applied for I-bars to be painted there.

“Mine is the only driveway on the street with double gates and a dropped kerb and everybody else parks behind the houses.”

Mrs Mason and other residents on the street had been in favour of a residents parking permit system after experiencing problems with visitors and staff from Doncaster Royal Infirmary park on the street. Residents opted for the parking bays and double yellow lines to be painted around the corners of the street.

But despite Mrs Mason raising the issue, council workmen turned up on May 21 to paint the new parking bay.

Mrs Mason said: “I couldnt believe it when the workmen just turned up and started painted the bay right outside my driveway.

“I was really angry about it. It’s like talking to yourself trying to get through to them.

“The council said no one would park there once they saw the driveway but if there’s a parking bay of course they will.

“They advised me to ring the police if anyone did park there and they would be moved on but its a bit late by that point.

“I’m worried Ill be a prisoner in my own home. I rely on the car to get out and about.

“Sometimes with my church warden work I get a phone call at short notice so I need access to my car.

“There’s just no common sense.”

Director of Regeneration and Environment at Doncaster Council, Peter Dale said: “For many years, concerns have been raised about all day parking associated with the hospital in nearby residential areas.

“After detailed consultation on potential options to help with this situation, a residents’ priority parking scheme is currently being introduced, which will remove all day parking by non-residents and therefore free up valuable road space for residents themselves.

“This requires the provision of parking bays and signing.

“It is an offence to block access to a property and the scheme does not change this.

“If we were to put yellow lines outside the property then neither the owner or their visitors could park in Front of the driveway. The scheme will be monitored and the council will be happy to look at individuals’ concerns and consider painting an ‘I-bar’ road marking in front of the driveway.”