Creative approach is the best way to learn

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From: Jeremy Maidment, York.

I WAS intrigued to read the article on Melanie Moore and her creative approach to learning. As a retired teacher, I remember the much maligned approach to education in the 60s and 70s which embodied many of her ideas. It is fascinating that the whole curriculum approach of integrating subjects under one topic is now back in favour. That using first-hand experiences to capture the imagination of children and enhance their learning is now seen as an exciting approach to teaching. All these were second nature to teachers of the 60s and 70s.

In fact, if you taught in a country school, this was about the only approach you could use with diverse abilities and ages.

As for educational visits, I’m sure many of your readers will remember a day spent at Clarke Hall, Wakefield, being servants for the day. Visits to Caphouse Colliery, the Merchant Adventurers Hall, York, taking the King’s shilling as the children were recruited for the King’s army in the Civil War. I could go on and on with illustrations of first hand experiences. All these experiences were a rich source for writing, maths, geography, art and craft, and healthy exercise. Gaining knowledge the fun way so it sticks in the mind. As I said, ‘what goes around comes around’ in education. It was ever thus.