Cross Rail link for city wins party's support

THE proposal for a Cross Rail link connecting Bradford's Interchange and Forster Square station has been backed by the district's UK Independence Party.

The party wants to see three new high speed rail links in the country and Bradford could be a part of that if the Cross Rail link comes to fruition.

UKIP Bradford spokesman Jason Smith said: "Personally this seems like a no-brainer. Bradford urgently needs a shot in the arm to resurrect the city and the Cross Rail link could be just the ticket, connecting Bradford whose businesses and future attractions would benefit from the increased traffic in to the city.

"Currently our city is broken; this could be the first step to literally putting Bradford back on track.

"I have heard officials claiming the project is too expensive yet we have seen money thrown in to the city centre black hole and earmarked for projects that nobody wants like New Victoria Place and the mirror pond.

"If there is money for these unpopular projects then there is surely money available for something that will actually benefit the city.''

UKIP Bradford has launched a petition to gauge the public's interest in the rail link and has called for a Bradford-wide referendum on the proposal.

The referendum call has been supported by the Bradford Rail Users Group. Its chairman James Vasey said: "This is a once in lifetime opportunity for Bradford to create a rail link across Bradford bringing new investment, jobs and tourism to the city. Have your say."

The next meeting of the Bradford Rail Users Group is to be held on June 7 at 7.30pm at Bradford Voluntary and Community Services, Sunbridge Road, Bradford.

People can sign the Cross Rail petition at: