Cycling rock star backs festival fundraising

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He has already run to the hills, but now Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is preparing to pedal some of the way to a festival.

The singer will cycle 25 miles to the heavy metal band’s gig at the Download Festival at Castle Donington next month.

He will join cyclists called the Heavy Metal Truants on the final leg of a 165-mile trip from London.

Dickinson, a qualified pilot who was educated in Sheffield, said: “Yes, maybe it’s the first time the headliner has shown up on a bike, but I do use my bike to get around in London when l get the chance and have turned up at the BBC on a bike before, although the Commissioners were a bit surprised as they are too used to seeing limos.

“These are great causes, I am only sorry that due to our tour schedule l can’t do more of the ride, and hope our fans will support our efforts.

“I look forward to a day off after the ride seeing some great bands before we go into full Maiden action on the Saturday, with every intention of giving the fans a memorable show. Download and Metal fans are the best there are, so everyone expects something very special.”

The beneficiaries include the Teenage Cancer Trust and Childline.