Dog-attack girl may never be able to smile again

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Kendall, 33, and her partner Steven Briggs, 32, said they saw the dog mauling Demi in front of them.

Claire said: “We heard the dog growling but it wasn’t just a normal growl – it was loud and vicious and sounded like it was fighting. We ran to the window and looked down and saw the dog with little Demi in its mouth.

“I ran down into the garden while Steven screamed at it from the window to let her go. It was shaking her like a rag doll.

“Before I got there the girl’s mother had arrived and was trying to pull her daughter away but the dog wouldn’t let go and was shaking her body around. It was like when you try to pull a toy away from a dog and they treat it like tug-o-war.

“We told her not to pull on her daughter and instead I kicked the metal railings it was tied to. That seemed to do the trick because it let go and stepped away.”

A spokesman for Mr Bashir said the animal had been tied up on land belonging to the shop when the attack happened at around 5.30pm on Wednesday. It was then put down by a vet.

Police are investigating the incident.