Dog walker suspected of slashing car tyres

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A MYSTERY attacker who has slashed numerous car tyres in Beverley has struck again, police have warned.

Officers are hunting a single individual with a grudge who targeted 14 cars, parked half on the road, half on the path, on the Swinemoor estate last month, and appears to have struck again in the last seven days, this time on Coltman Street.

Over the next fortnight, extra police patrols will be the area asking people if they have seen anything suspicious.

Officers are also urging residents to park their cars legally to avoid becoming victims.

Intense discussion erupted on the social networking site Facebook after the attacks, which then appeared to have stopped.

Ward councillor Kerri Harold said: “I think what we have got on our hands is a bit of a vigilante. If you believe the rumour it is a mystery man who does this while out walking his dog.

“The jungle drums are telling me he is doing this basically because he is upset that residents are
parking cars on paths and as he
is passing he is slashing the 

Pc Martin Pepper said they believed one person was responsible because of the similar method used each time, with the tyres on the pathside punctured with some form of implement.

He added: “There have been claims about who might be responsible but nothing substantiated.

“We have been going house to house and there has been a letter drop in the area.

“It may be someone who has a grudge, a particular dislike of people parking on the footpath, who may be taking their own way of dealing with it.

“We would urge everyone to park their cars legally on the roadside and then they are less likely to be subject of an offence.”