Economic comfort best for greens

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GREEN Party supporters are the most economically comfortable in Yorkshire, according to a new index.

Liberal Democrats were second with the Conservatives third and Labour fourth.

UK Independence Party supporters were the most worried about their financial situation, according to the index devised by Peter Grindrod, professor of mathematics at Oxford University.

The index, backed by Hitachi Personal Finance, will take a quarterly look at how consumer confidence levels are changing depending on a people’s circumstances including where they live, what they earn, their education and the political party they support.

Professor Grindrod said: “The study provides a valuable insight into how comfortable people are with their own finances and ability to buy consumer goods or services.

“The creation of the index allows us to compare across different demographics in a like for like way.

“The use of macro-economic data allows us to make sense of the findings to create a robust picture of the UK today.”

The index suggests that out of the nine English regions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, people in the South-East are the most economically comfortable with Yorkshire in fourth place. Wales has the lowest score.

Among people who rent their homes, those in Yorkshire are most at ease with their financial positions while in age terms those in their 30s are the happiest, the index suggests.