Careers experts set up new service

Picture: PA Wire
Picture: PA Wire
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A CAREERS consultancy service has been launched in Yorkshire which aims to help people into work or to find themselves a new job.

But the work does not start by asking someone to polish up their CV or think about ways of improving their job interview techniques.

Instead Nicholas Harrison of the Career Transition Consulting Group says he wants to help people to understand “what they are good at and what it is that they want to do.”

Mr Harrison said; “Too often people write the same things in their CVs and covering letters but.’I work well in a team. ‘I thrive under pressure’ or ‘I a dynamic leader’.

“But if everyone says the same thing it is not setting people apart.”

He told The Yorkshire Post that while working as a headhunter in London he realised that even sought after “captains of industry” were unable to express what they were good at and in what environments they thrived.

He said: “People will say ‘I am a dynamic leader.’ But what does that really mean? People say they thrive under pressure but are not able to say in what circumstances they do and don’t thirive.”

He said that by getting people to explore what their strengths were and what it was that they enjoyed doing it helped them to not only set themselves apart when applying for jobs but also to make decisions about their careers.

Career Transition Consulting Group consists of Mr Harrison, who has worked in both marketing and recruitment and David Royston-Lee a business psychologist.

Careers education has been a topical issue during the last Parliament.

The Education Select Committee has repeatedly criticised the decision by the coalition Government to transfer the responsibility for careers advice to individual schools. Mr Harrison said more needed to be done to train people how to manage their own careers.

He said this was needed not only for school and university leavers but for people throughout their careers who might be considering a change of direction.

CTCG runs individual career management consultations along with longer sessions which allow people work up to an accredited higher education certificate.