How schools can contact us to recount their A-level success stories

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WITH THE long wait for students to receive their exam results coming to an end in the next two weeks, The Yorkshire Post is planning its coverage for both our GCSE and A-level supplements.

Letters have being emailed out to schools and colleges inviting them to send in their results and success stories if they want to be included.

The paper will be carrying results from across the region on both this Friday for A-levels and Friday, August 22, for GCSEs.

There will also be constantly updated coverage on our website on results day itself – both this Thursday and next.

The last two years has seen grades at A-level stall and fall following decades of continual improvements, so this year’s results will come under close scrutiny.

The newspaper will carry an overview of results, the reaction of teachers, teaching organisations and politicians as well as many of the region’s best individual student success stories.

There will also be a school-by-school breakdown of the results both online and in the newspaper. We will also look to provide updates on university recruitment with details of the places still available across the region.

With the GCSE results, we will include the first name, initial and surname of each of the students and the number of GCSEs they achieve, along with the number of subjects in which they achieved a grade C and above in.

For the A-level results supplement, The Yorkshire Post will list each subject that students achieve a pass in, and will also highlight each subject in which a candidate earns an A or an A*.

We will not be carrying AS results sat by students in their first year of sixth form or any other level three qualifications in the supplement.

If any schools in the region want to be involved in the coverage and has not yet received a letter, they can contact The Yorkshire Post’s Education Correspondent John Roberts on 0113 238 8344, on email at or by writing to him at The Yorkshire Post, No1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 1BE.