Poll shows graduates struggle to find work

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TWO out of five graduates are still looking for work six months after completing their degree, with some still job hunting after a year, according to new research.

A survey of 676 graduates by jobs website totaljobs.com found that a third were applying for more than 20 vacancies every month.

Many were travelling 35 miles for a job interview, while almost half of those polled said they regretted not studying a more vocational subject.

Mike Fetters, graduate director of totaljobs.com, said: “Despite the economic upturn, graduates are still struggling to find work after university.

“Our research shows that many graduates are starting to wonder if they should have studied for a more vocational qualification as a more effective route to employment.

“Although a degree is an essential qualification for some industries, school leavers need to think more carefully about which route to employment is best for them as some may be more suited to an apprenticeship scheme.”

Almost one in five of those questioned said they had travelled over 100 miles to attend an interview for a job.

The study was published ahead of the latest unemployment figures which are due to released today.

It also follows recent research which suggests the majority of graduates in Yorkshire find the region’s job market to be poor.

The survey from the Yorkshire Graduates website gauged the view of 1,500 people who work or live in the region or attended one of Yorkshire’s universities.

It found 60 per cent of respondents found the job market was “poor or very poor”.

It also showed graduates working in Yorkshire were less likely to be earning more than £25,000 a year than those who are now working elsewhere in the country.

The survey’s figures on graduate salaries show 22 per cent of respondents living outside Yorkshire earned more than £25,000 compared with 12 per cent of Yorkshire-based respondents.