Stressed-out students can pop bubble wrap to beat exam blues

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Bubble wrap-popping and dog petting are being laid on for stressed students at one university to help them relax during exams season.

Leicester University’s students’ union said the “instant gratification” of popping bubble wrap is meant to be better for relieving stress than meditation and yoga.

It said it is planning to set up bubble wrap stations around the university’s grounds, with metres of the packaging material bought in to help students to “pop away their exams woes”.

Guide dogs are also being brought onto campus, with students paying £1 to pet the puppies. The union said it was also offering other types of support to students during exam season, including free cups of tea, dedicated quiet revision spaces, longer opening hours at the student bar and board games for those who want a break from revision and exams.

Michael Rubin, president-elect of the union, said: “We know how stressful exams can be and supporting students when it comes to mental well-being is a top priority for the Students’ Union.

“Trying to reduce stress through providing revision help through our Education Unit, petting puppies and working with Nightline to hand out free tea to keep energy levels up are all really important, positive things for us to do.”