Election 2015: Miliband tells voters the power is theirs

Ed Miliband in Garforth
Ed Miliband in Garforth
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Miliband rallies supporters for race that “will go to the wire”

The Labour leader told hundreds of activists gathered at the Leeds City Museum that voters across the country had “the power to make Britain work” as they prepare to have their say.

Sticking to the core Labour message of support for families and the NHS, Mr Miliband set out why it was time voters rejected the Conservative-led coalition.

“It is a clash of two completely different ideas,” the Labour leader insisted.

“David Cameron believes that if the people on top do well, wealth will trickle down and all of Britain will prosper.

“We have a different idea. We believe that Britain succeeds when working people succeed. “

Mr Miliband repeatedly stressed how close the election is set to be, urging his supporters to take nothing for granted as the campaign entered the final 24 hours.

He said: “We have only a few hours left. This race is going to be the closest we have ever seen. It is going to go down to the wire.

“A few votes in a few seats that could define the next five years. So now we’ve got to go out there and make it happen.”

Mr Miliband went on to commit Labour’s army of volunteers to campaigning through to polls closing at 10pm, admitting again that the election will be closer than any thought since the war.

He said: “I am incredibly proud of the campaign our Party has run. This has been the biggest people-driven campaign in history.

“At the start of this campaign I said that we wanted to have 4 million conversations in 4 months.

“To take our message to the village halls, community centres and workplaces across our country. We’ve smashed through that target.

“Today we hit 5 million conversations. Tomorrow it will be 6 million conversations.

“As we go out right until 10pm and explain to the people of Britain how we build a country that works for working people again.”

Mr Miliband added: “In the closing hours of this campaign, this is my message to the British people.

“For five years this country has been run for the richest and most powerful. But tomorrow is your day.

“Tomorrow it’s your voice that counts. Tomorrow you have the power to make Britain work for working people. You have the power to build a country which rewards hard work again.”

Mr Miliband was speaking as the final survey by Panelbase showed Labour holding on to a narrow advantage over the Conservatives - by 33 per cent to 31 per cent - both down one.

Ukip also dropped one to 16 per cent, the Lib Dems were unchanged on 8, the Greens up one on 5, the same score as the SNP on the national poll.

As if reinforcing Mr Miliband’s call for a day of action from supporters, more than one in five taking part in the Panelbase poll said they could make a last-minute switch, including 18 per cent of Tories, 21 per cent of Labour and 31 per cent of Lib Dems.

Labour appeared to have a hard task winning back SNP backers though - with only 7 [per cent open to persuasion.

Almost one in five of Labour backers said they would prefer a Conservative government than a Labour minority supported by the SNP.