End positive discrimination for would-be MPs

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From: Jack Brown, Lamb Lane, Monk Bretton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

IF Ed Miliband thinks he can score electoral points off the paucity of female MPs on the Conservative benches, then he is living proof that the Labour Party has no grass-roots left.

The common sense of civil society is two-fold: females have evolved as the ideal carers and teachers of their own children during the ectoparasitic period of their life (the period when they depend upon parents); females should have equal opportunity for work. These two principles are in conflict in the early years but the vast majority of females (instinctively?) prefer to fulfil their primary function before seeking what Larkin called “the toad, work”.

No party dare challenge the propaganda of Blair’s Babes and Cameron’s Cookies that has resulted in positive discrimination for females – unequal job competition – in the public sector and far too much of the forelock-tugging private sector. The consequences of appointment of second best can be alleviated and/or hidden in these areas but in areas in which males evolved to compete, the consequences could be catastrophic; hence the so-called “shortage” and “waste” of female ability in engineering and sciences. If politicians reflected the wishes of the majority – their democratic duty – they would treat females as equal and immediately abolish the female-only and A-lists as a token of intent to remove all incentives to mothers to neglect their children. The money saved should be diverted to increased child allowances payable only to unemployed mothers.

From: David W Armitage, Oakwood Drive, Altofts.

THE letters page (Yorkshire Post, February 6) covered various opinions about the de-selection of Anne McIntosh, currently 
the sitting MP for Thirsk and Malton.

Why all the fuss? People at all levels of employment are daily losing their jobs. Why should an MP be any different?

It was reported briefly this month that Tim Yeo MP has also been de-selected.

No fuss reported, except that he wishes his successor well!