A taste of rural life from field to fork

Hounds from the Holderness Hunt
Hounds from the Holderness Hunt
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The Country Pursuits area is a hugely popular section of the Great Yorkshire Show.

Based around two ponds, this section has a fantastic programme running during each day of the show.

The programme starts at 9.30am with the gundog demonstration by Mount Grace Gundogs, with the last demonstration at 4.30pm with wildfowlers past and present by Chris Green the Cornish Countryman.

New to the programme is another display by Chris – Kayak Fishing the Cornish Way, with the day also seeing falcons, flyfishing and a display of hounds to name but a few.

Also within the Country Pursuits area is the Game Cookery Theatre, which sees the chefs expertly prepare mouth-watering dishes based on this fare.

One cooking demonstration will see expert fly fisherman Charles Jardine cooking Earl Grey smoked trout fish cakes with fish he has caught himself as well as hosting a fly casting demonstration later in the day.

Angela Vaux, a steward in the country pursuits section, explains the Country Pursuits section aims to tie in the sporting side to the cookery – first showing how it is caught before demonstrating how the food is prepared. She says:

“The displays in the arena just demonstrates how these animals work. The cooking is another demonstration of what the end product is, really, from field to fork.”

On Wednesday at noon a special presentation will take place when Mark Nicolson, the chairman of the British Deer Society gives the national Jim Taylor Page trophy to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the society.

Programme – July 10-12

09.30 Gundog Demonstration by Mount Grace Gundogs; 10.00  Pakefield Ferrets with Simon Whitehead; 11.00  Flycasting Demonstration; 11.30 Falconry Display by Ben Potter; 12.00 Decoying Woodpigeons, a scientific approach by Chris Green

12.30 A Display of Hounds; 1.00  Pakefield Ferrets with Simon Whitehead

1.30 British Deer Society Demonstration;   2.00 Kayak Fishing the Cornish Way with Chris Green; 2.30 Gundog Demonstration by Mount Grace Gundogs; 3.00  Falconry Display by Ben Potter; 3.30 A Display of Hounds; 4.00 British Deer Society Demonstration;   4.30 Wildfowlers past & present by Chris Green the Cornish Countryman.