Wolds Diary: Sue Woodcock

Picturesque: Nunburnholme Parish Church surrounded by ideal walking country.
Picturesque: Nunburnholme Parish Church surrounded by ideal walking country.
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I REALLY have not had that much time at home this week. The dogs and I have been out for our usual walks and I also took them up for a lovely walk at Nunburnholme.

Although we have to pass through a field containing sheep it is only for a few yards before I can take the dogs through a gate and on to the path between two fields. Here Brock my Staffie decided to investigate the hedgerow which is both wide and dense at that point.

The pheasant she was hoping to catch was long gone by the time she got into the centre of it where there is a pool. She returned without her collar or her tag and I really didn’t fancy crawling in there so I have had to get a new collar and several new tags. It’s a good idea to have a couple of spares.

My ankle doesn’t seem to be getting much better so I took myself to the doctors on the Wednesday. He was a very pleasant young man and was most helpful. You know you’re getting old when the doctors (like policemen) look very young. I left the surgery feeling very old indeed. I needed to go and have an X-ray so I drove up to the park and ride into York and from there took another bus to York Hospital. They are very pleasant there and once again I was X-rayed, this time to include my foot.

On the way back I spotted a charity shop I hadn’t previously investigated and bought a lot of ties there as they were cheap. Walking back into York city centre I decided to get a couple of prescriptions filled and while I was waiting in the chemists I watched a young woman come in, look to see where any cameras were, hang round one of the aisles, fiddle with some things, walk around a bit and then return to the same aisle, pick something up and then she noticed me watching her. She then quickly put the item back on the shelf and left by the nearest door. She hurried off down the street looking back into the shop. I informed the staff of what I’d seen so they could identify her if she returned by looking at the CCTV. If she was a shoplifter then she wasn’t very good at it!

York seems full of enthusiastic young people who are excited to be there and talking with great keenness about their courses. I presumed most of them were freshers.

That evening I went to the Parochial Church Council meeting where there was quite a long agenda and we had to make several decisions, mainly about finance. Recently the church has been vandalised and we now have to remove some childish graffiti where the stupid perpetrators seem to have signed their names to their work. Needless to say the police are now dealing with it - at least we believe they are but we’ve not yet been told of the result.

The next day I drove over to Scarborough to see my friend who has another friend staying for a few days. After a very welcome cup of coffee the three of us went to a nearby house where we needed to clear it as the owner is not going to return and the house needs to be sold to allow for her care to be paid for. This has taken weeks and has been a monster task as she kept everything!

I removed bags of old bedding and about 50 towels, all of them in a rather tatty state. I took the towels to my local vets who always need them and the bedding to a charity shop as rags. I went to a rehearsal that evening and got home pretty tired. The doctor has prescribed some painkillers that actually worked so at least I got a good night’s sleep.

On the Friday evening I went with a friend up to the charming village of Newton Upon Derwent. I’d been invited to and really enjoyed a wonderful and fascinating talk by Peter Venables on the history of the village. The cheese and wine were good too!

It was in a marquee behind the lovely village pub and the next day I returned to the location where I was happy to demonstrate spinning. There were charity stalls and the young lady selling the most delicious cakes which I had to ignore because having been weighed at the doctors I’m now determined to lose weight. The inhabitants were very welcoming and I had a lovely day. I hope to return there soon.