European-style drinking has been a mistake

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From: Keith Bagot, The Terrace, Honley, Holmfirth.

I AM writing with regard to a club in Huddersfield (the Camel nightclub) being granted a licence to open until 6am. When is common sense going to prevail to these licensing authorities?

We have a major problem in this country with binge drinking, a culture that has taken hold of almost every town and city. It was as I recall Tony Blair who bought in the open-all-hours policy for pubs and clubs, giving us a European feel. This policy has definitely failed!

What is needed is to revert all pub opening hours back to what they used to be, and nightclubs to close at 2am. Also bring back some good old-fashioned policing. The drunk and disorderly youngsters out on Friday and Saturday nights need to be arrested and held in cells till the Monday morning and then put before the local magistrates.

Their stay in the local police cells will give them time to reflect and bring them back to reality. Hopefully a harsh punishment from the local magistrate will bring them down to earth with a hell of a bang! The chances are they could lose their job for not turning up on a Monday morning. Or, due to a criminal record or a caution, a person may not get the job they hoped for. This is what is needed across the United Kingdom until the young people of today see sense!

Also what is needed to work, in conjunction with the local constabulary, is for the NHS hospitals to charge the young drunks that have over-stretched paramedics/ambulances. These young folk should be billed for the time and medical attention they have used while under the influence of alcohol.

I understand that is very controversial but a casualty department is a busy place, without being inundated with young people full of drink and cut faces, being sick everywhere.