Farage ready to get rid of ‘the wrong people’

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Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, has hit out at the wrong sort of people which his party has attracted, promising to “professionalise” it and not tolerate any embarrassment.

Mr Farage told The Times that in the past Ukip had “got it wrong” with people who turned out to be “disappointments”.

He said: “It’s very natural that a newish party will attract all sorts of people,” adding that Ukip had not always been successful in screening out the “Walter Mittys seeking a role in politics which, in the end, they will let down not just us but themselves with”.

Mr Farage said he wanted the party to become more professional and admitted that in its early days Ukip had a “struggle with talent”, adding that he wanted the party to have a “disciplined election machine”, and also hinted that candidates would have to curb any eccentric views, saying: “We must together be campaigning on similar issues.”

The party is reportedly to be planning day-long assessments to find the candidates to put forward for next year’s general election.

Mr Farage told the newspaper it was “not just about the odd barmy opinion - it’s really to try and work out whether these are reliable, steady, solid people.”

On Monday, it emerged that Yorkshire and Humber MEP Godfrey Bloom, mocked a disabled student during an Oxford Union debate last week, asking whether he was Richard III, the medieval king who suffered a spine deformity.