Father struggling to feed family on £3 a day

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For single father-of-two Mohammed Ali, food poverty is a fact of life.

With a family food budget of just £3 per day, the 41-year-old of Heeley in Sheffield, often goes hungry to ensure his boys Adam, nine, and two-year-old Adan do not have to.

When funds have run particularly low in the past he has visited the Sheffield Jesus Centre food bank, which provides vouchers to get groceries and essentials.

Mr Ali said: “Your body just adapts to that feeling of hunger after a while, but when I see people they’ll tell me I need to get some proper meals in me.

“But I have to make sure my kids are fed. It is hard as a parent when you go past a shop or your children see people eating out and having take-aways and you have to make up lame excuses about why you don’t do that.”

Mr Ali is currently facing the quandary of needing to care for his family but struggling when it comes to childcare. He says politicians are out of touch when it comes to the issues he and his family face on a day-by-day basis.

“At the moment I do voluntary work but it’s hard finding a job because there would be no one to look after my children.

“Life on benefits is very hard and it’s going to get worse. Politicians who say it is manageable should come and live with me for a week and see what it’s like.”