Faulty navigation puts village under siege

AS MORE drivers rely on satellite navigation devices rather than road maps one West Yorkshire village is feeling the strain.

Annoyed residents in Micklefield, near Leeds, have been disrupted by lorries charging up their high street as their devices think it is the nearby A1 motorway.

Lorries have been disturbing the villagers at all hours since the popularity of sat navs has soared and drivers have begun to rely on electronic guidance rather than old-fashioned road maps.

Local councillor James Lewis said the problem started two to three years ago when alterations were made to the A1M near the village.

Since then, the new lay-out of the A1M appears to have confused sat-nav companies.

He said: "It is a nightmare for locals. Residents are upset as it means that an otherwise quiet village is being disrupted by lorries thundering through at all hours of the day and night.

"It is a small village. The streets are not designed to take big lorries.

"We have had stories of lorries trying to do three-point turns in the street which is obviously a concern for residents."

Coun Lewis believes the long-term solution lies with updating the information used by the sat nav companies to compile routes. In the meantime he wants to see signs put up re-directing traffic, and telling drivers to ignore their sat navs.

He said: "Hampshire County Council has recently put up signs around the village of Exton near Winchester after lorries have become stuck in narrow lanes as a result of following the systems. Similar signs could help to relieve the problem in Micklefield.

"I have asked Leeds City Council if there is anything they can do but they say it is down to the inaccurate information used by the sat nav companies, which has been made worse by the recent A1 upgrade with altered junctions and a new access road.

"I think that the signs are a good idea and I will be asking the Highways Department if this is a feasible option.

"I am determined to find a solution so that the residents of Micklefield can sleep soundly once again."