Drama that rubs salt into old wounds

Jed Mercurio, writer of the BBC's Cardiac Arrest and the new medical drama Bodies, was in Leeds this week to inspire and advise budding writers. Arts reporter Nick Ahad met him. You wonder if Jed Mercurio made the right decision when he left the medical profession to become a full-time writer.

Nothing that goes wrong during our meeting – and quite a few things do – seems to faze him, one of the most important qualities, one would imagine, that a doctor needs to possess.

It begins with the red tape we have to pass through to get into the Leeds College of Music, where he is due to give a talk to aspiring script writers. After a good five minutes of wrangling – punctuated by much rolling of eyes yet keeping of temper by Mercurio – we are granted access, only we both realise this leaves us with an inadequate 20 minutes for an interview before his appointment.


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