The traditional holiday repeat: Our favourite videos of 2012

Waiting for Video...

THE Yorkshire Post produces more video films than any other regional newspaper - from breaking news and sport to thoughtful reports on Yorkshire folk and our beautiful scenery. Relive here some of our favourites from the last 21 months.

1. November: Hidden treasures of the Leeds city archive

2. December: It’s the amazing five year-old recycling bin man

3. December: Secrets of cemetery that came back from the dead

4. November: Glade tidings as woodland work is done on the hoof

5. November: Waterways engineers attempt to unlock secrets of one of Yorkshire’s grand canals

6. October: Giraffes take first steps in their new neck of the woods

7. September: Kids teach Bradford leaders a thing or two

8. September: Watch the first colour film ever shot

9. October: Geordie parrot who won’t squawk until he’s squoken to

10. September: Leeds biker does 103mph wheelie in front of speed camera

11. November: Sports stars Jonathan Brownlee and Ryan Hall turn on Leeds lights

12. October: How to get that authentic blues guitar sound - from a workshop in Skipton

13. August: Golden girl Jess Ennis gets a hero’s welcome in Sheffield

14. October: Inside Sheffield’s reinvented Park Hill flats

15. March: A Harewood no-one knows opens to the public at last

16. September: How to keep warm in bed, with Selina Scott

17. August: 35 years on, can you sing us an Elvis song?

18. August: Backstage at Phantom of the Opera in Leeds

19. September: Hare’s looking at you - giant rabbits invade Chatsworth

20. August: Just in time for Yorkshire Day... it’s Pork Minster!

21. September: ‘70s penthouse’ Jimmy Savile left behind

22. July: Great Yorkshire Show organisers left counting the cost

23. June: Rain fails to dampen Jubilee spirit across Yorkshire

24. May:

Boxing clever with Bradford’s female fighters

25. May:

How my dad filmed the Queen in Sheffield in 1954

26. May:

Hugh Dennis unveils Yorkshire’s best view

27. February:

A new dawn for Yorkshire’s shrine to fish and chips

28. January:

Cold War comrades remember life in uniform

29. January:

Unique footage beneath Bingley’s Five Rise Locks

30. January: This is no ordinary M&S model - it’s 86 year-old Pauline




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