Yorkshire women on the front line of battle for the vote

Jill Liddington

Jill Liddington

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A century ago the suffragettes were locked in battle with the government. Yvette Huddleston looks back at their fight for women’s rights.

In any discussion of the suffragette movement, the names that most frequently crop up are those of the London-based leaders – in particular the Pankhurst family – but Yorkshire women had a significant part to play in the campaign.

Often they were mill workers and also involved in the trade union movement who saw getting votes for women as part of a larger campaign for equality. “One of the most well known of the Yorkshire suffragettes was Dora Thewlis,” says Dr Jill Liddington of Leeds University, author of Rebel Girls: Their Fight for the Vote, which focuses on the suffrage movement across the industrial North.


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