February 16 letters: Golden opportunity for the Premier League

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From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

THE massive increase that the Premier League has received for its British television rights is indeed staggering (The Yorkshire Post, February 11).

There have been many suggestions as to how this money should be used, and it was rather concerning that the League’s chief executive Richard Scudamore stated that they were not a charity, implying that what we have we hold.

Some classed this increase as “obscene”, and this may indeed be so depending on how the money is used.

If it simply goes into the pockets of already vastly overpaid players and their agents, then this will indeed be correct.

However, the Premier League now has the opportunity to use it much more wisely by substantially reducing ticket prices; by ensuring that the already unacceptable financial gap between their league and the Championship does not widen further; that a large chunk goes to the lower leagues; and that grassroots football also sees much benefit.

The big question is, will all this happen, or will the Premier League simply keep their own snouts in the trough, and to hell with the rest of the football family?

I’m certainly not holding my breath.