February 3 Letters: Watchdog must clamp down on electoral fraud

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From: Nigel Boddy, Darlington.

The biggest electoral scandal since 1832 has now brought into question the outcome of the 2015 election. Allegedly in London hundreds if not thousands of bogus names have been added to the electoral register.

It has allegedly become the practice of some private landlords to add a couple of bogus names to a list of tenants and then go around picking up the papers for postal ballots and voting multiple times for a candidate they favour.

This practice allegedly happens elsewhere also. The electoral roll must be checked by the Electoral Commission. Their attention should focus upon in urban areas. I regret to say these allegations have come from within one community in Britain.

The Electoral Commission let us all down badly in the European elections when the results in two seats were changed because of a spoiler party called Ukep run by a former Ukip MEP. We cannot allow our democracy to be damaged further by any more corruption or electoral bad practice.

Perhaps we must look again at the continued rights of EU and Commonwealth citizens to vote in UK elections if this corruption is to be stamped out? We must look again at how voters register and once again restrict the right to a postal vote too if we are to stop this corruption.