Fiendish Wine Quiz: Make 2011 a vintage year

Win a trip to Spain – if you can defeat Christine AustIn's new year quiz

Blow away the cobwebs of Christmas with this year's Fiendish Wine Quiz which has been designed to test your knowledge and research capabilities.

The top prize this year is a fabulous two-night trip to the wine region of Navarra, home of some of Spain's most dynamic wineries. The winner and guest will fly to Spain and spend two days exploring this fabulous, historic region, visiting several prominent producers and enjoying their hospitality. There will be visits to vineyards and lots of wine tastings to demonstrate the quality and diversity of this region.

I shall accompany the winners on this trip which is designed to show you the best of Navarra.

Flights from a UK airport, two nights' accommodation, and all meals in Spain are included in the trip which will be taken at a mutually convenient time during 2011. There will be two runners-up prizes; a copy of The Finest Wines of Bordeaux, by James Lawther, published by Aurum Press which I think is one of the best wine books published this year.

As always, you may use any means at your disposal to get to the right answers, including pestering your local wine merchant. Most of the people behind the counters of our wine shops, particularly independents, are bristling with wine qualifications and they are an invaluable source of up-to-the-minute information although it might be polite to buy a bottle of something from them while you are waiting for the answers.

This quiz is not open to anyone in the wine trade and that includes wine lecturers who should concentrate on helping their students win.

In previous years I have only allowed entries on this actual page, but because today is New Year's Day and many regular readers may be away, I have decided to allow those reading this on the Yorkshire Post website to enter. Entries will be accepted on plain paper, however I shall need your name and address in your own handwriting on your entry sheet. If you have managed to get a copy of the newspaper then, as usual, please tick the right answers and send me the whole page. Emailed entries will be ignored. Only one entry per household is allowed and any multiple entries will be discarded.

All correct entries will go into Grapevine's giant ice-bucket and the winners will be chosen at random.

There is no cash alternative to any of the prizes.

I will mark all the entries and no arguing will be allowed, although the customary nit-picking and point-scoring from regular readers adds to the pleasure of marking the entries.

Christine Austin's Fiendish Wine Quiz

1. Where is Navarra?

a. Andalucia

b. Galicia

c. North Eastern Spain

2. Which of these Spanish wine regions produces most wine?

a. Navarra

b. Rueda

c. Toro

3. The Navarra wine region is divided into 5 sub-zones: which are they?

a. Baja Montaa

b. Ribadavia

c. Ribera Alta

d. Ribera Baja

e. Ribera del Guadiana

f. Terra Alta

g. Tierra Estella

h. Valdizarbe

4. Which is the most widely planted red grape variety in Navarra?

a. Cabernet Sauvignon

b. Tempranillo

c. Garnacha

5. If you plan to take part in the Encierro in Pamplona, what should you wear?

a. Your health insurance


b. Red shirt and trousers with a white neckerchief

c. White shirt and trousers with a red neckerchief

6. Two Navarra vineyards have achieved 'DO Pago' status. Which are they?

a. Arnzano

b. Euphrosyne

c. Demeter

d. Irache

7. Which Princess of Navarre married in Cyprus to become Queen of England?

a. Berengaria

b. Catherine

c. Marguerite

8. One of Europe's most famous medieval pilgrimage routes passes through Navarra. Where does the route end?

a. Paris

b. Madrid

c. Santiago


9. Pick out the native American vine. a. Cayuga

b. Concord

c. Lemberger

10. You have just bought a Nomblot egg. What are you going to do with it?

a. Ferment wine in it

b. Hang it from a tree to correct the Feng Shui of your vineyard

c. Scramble it for breakfast

11. Arrange the following vineyards from North to South

a. Auxey-Duresses

b. Chambolle-Musigny

c. Gevry-Chambertin

12. Which neighbour of Mouton now works biodynamically?

a. Ch Calon-Sgur

b. Ch Pavie

c. Ch Pontet Canet

13. A new wine hotel opened in September in Porto, what is it called?

14. Spot the odd one out

a. Blanchot

b. Grenouilles

c. Montmains

d. Vaudsir

15. Starting with the largest, arrange the following Beaujolais Crus in order of size.

a. Chnas

b. Rgnie

c. Brouilly

d. Moulin Vent

e. Fleurie

16. Ian has a Yorkshire vineyard. What is the name of his dog? (See picture)

a. Woody

b. Luke

c. Charlie

17. Are these Puglian grape varieties red 'R' or white 'W'.

a. Fiano

b. Francavidda

c. Greco

d. Negroamaro

e. Sussumaniello

18. If you start your winemaking with a cold soak, what are you doing?

a. Taking a relaxing bath before the hard work begins

b .Improving the extraction of colour and aromas from

the grapes

c. Making sure your tanks are absolutely clean

19. He makes wine in Swartland and Priorat. Name the winemaker. (See picture above)...................................................................

20. If the controversial new bridge is built across the Mosel, which vineyards will it slice through? a. Urzig

b. Zell

c. Rdesheim

21. Match the following wineries to their lakes.

a. Fox Run p. Cayuga

b. Heron Hill q. Seneca

c. Heart and Hands r. Keuca

22. Just before harvest your vines have exactly 2 kilograms of grapes per vine on them. They are planted at 80cm spacing in rows 2 metres apart. If you are allowed to produce just 8000 kg of grapes per hectare, will you exceed the legal limit if you pick and declare the lot? a. Yes

b. No

23.With wine very much in mind, how would you get from Organized Crime to Inniskillin?

a. Head north 20 miles

b. Head east 10 miles

c. Head west 250 miles

24. Which grape varieties are allowed to be planted in the Beaujolais region?

a. Gamay Noir Jus Blanc

b. Chardonnay

c. Pinot Meunier

25. What is the main grape variety of Bairrada?

a. Baga

b. Mencia

c. Preto Martinho

26.Starting with the largest, rank these countries in order of wine production.

a. Argentina

b. South Africa

c. Spain

d. France

e. Japan

27. What was the name of the drink made by the winner of the Apprentice 2010?

a. Bonbon

b. Bourbon

c. Urban

d. Urbon

28. From this tasting note – what is the wine?

Red, brick colour, pale at rim. Sweet morello cherry aromas with a touch of spice, rounded elegant fruit with a hint of mushroomy undergrowth. Light, balanced tannins and a long finish.

a. Argentinian Malbec

b. South African Pinotage

c. Burgundy

d. New Zealand Cabernet Sauvignon

29. Where is Clos Jordanne?

a. Languedoc

b. Ontario

c. Washington State d. Nuits St Georges

30. Great Uncle George has decided to marry his 21-year-old nurse and he wants to drink, in moderation of course, the best wines in his cellar on his wedding day. Which three should he choose?

a. La Tache 1985

b. Tokaji Szepsy Asz 6 putts 1993

c. Quinta do Noval Nacional 1956

d. Ch Latour 1951

e. Sassicaia 1963

f. Screaming Eagle 1983

g. Clos du Mesnil 1996 n

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