Fight to retain elderly benefits

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From: Max Hey, Fairway Grove, Bradford.

SOME newspapers have recently been carrying reports that bus passes and certain heating benefits for the elderly may be withdrawn.

The Tories may be said to protect the interests of middle class people whilst in contrast the Labour Party protects the interests of working class people. This might be regarded as over-simplification, but elderly working class people will be looking to the Labour leadership to fight to retain very useful benefits such as help with bus travel and heating for older people.

This is particularly so in rural areas where people have to use buses to get to the doctor or do their weekly shopping and also country areas are generally colder than in towns, thus the importance of heating.

These issues are extremely important and I hope that people fight to retain these benefits.

Let Scots escape

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

HOW can anyone now deny the Scots their own independence in preference to their country being run by a London-based UK Government, led by a Prime Minister incompetent and clueless on how to drag his multi-million pound friends’ homes out of the quagmire that is destroying parts of our once Great Britain?

Devolution poll

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

I AM in total agreement with Wakefield Council leader Peter Box in extending devolution. If Leeds does not like kowtowing to London, what makes them think that people in Wakefield or Bradford wish to kowtow to Leeds?

Help farmers

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby, York.

WILL the Government department that funded pig farmers in far off Peru please now do likewise to our own farmers and their animals, who are floundering knee deep in muddy waters, trying to survive?