Fisherman in clifftop home planning saga

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A FISHERMAN is keeping his fingers crossed that he will get permission to move into a log cabin after his home was threatened by fast eroding cliffs.

Officers are recommending refusal of planning permission even though land behind Derek Dunn’s home at Tunstall in East Yorkshire has a lifespan of nearly 80 years.

Mr Dunn has lived in the village since 1968 and bought the bungalow and land in 2003, which he also uses to store his fishing boat and gear, thinking there would be ample room to “roll back”.

He and wife Barbara don’t have a mortgage and say they will struggle financially if they have to move into rental property in nearby Withernsea, as officials have suggested.

The log cabin they want to move into is similar to many others along the East Coast, including at Sand le Mere holiday park nearby which has had permission to shift back from the clifftops.

Mr Dunn said: “Lots of log cabins and lodges have been allowed to move back – we are only asking if we can too.”

There have been no objections to the plans which are due to be decided at a meeting on December 15.

According to East Riding Council, the cliff has been eroding at a rate of over 2m since 1989. The clifftop is now around 30 metres from the couple’s front door, while the road running in front of the house hovers a few metres from the edge.

In a report East Riding Council said there was some support in principle for roll back applications but “it has not been demonstrated that the proposed dwelling will be safe from the risks associated with coastal erosion for its estimated lifespan”.