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From: Father Stephen Edmonds, Heaton Gardens, Edlington, Doncaster.

I WONDER whether I might draw your readers’ attention to the Better Together campaign which has been launched by some of the Bishops of the Church of England.

In the midst of the current debates about women bishops, its all too easy to forget that many people are eager to work in partnership with those of different traditions within the Church for the good of those among whom we live and work and pray.

I hope that this campaign – which bases itself on principles of freedom, respect, diversity, and unity – is something around which all Anglicans can unite as we seek to share the good news of salvation with our nation and the whole world.

Care standards

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

THE question of who pays for old people’s care is in the news again. It is a very important issue, and I hope those involved in making any decision ignore the lobby of those concerned about protecting their financial inheritance.

What matters is that our elderly get the best treatment and care available, and that the staff who look after them are not merely those taken on because they are satisfied with the minimum wage.

Brotherly band

From: D Harrop, Malton Street, Sheffield.

AMONG the many sports I do not follow, at the top of the list is Association Football. Nonetheless I could not but be struck by the photograph of the Spanish team, taken after their defeat of Italy in the final of Euro 2012 (Yorkshire Post, July 2). They looked like what they are – a band of Spanish brothers, fighting for their team, and their country – and winning.

Congratulations to them.