Food sales banned over mice infestation

Environmental health officers have used emergency powers to stop a business selling food after a mouse infestation.

Officers visited Tradex, at 309-315 Hessle Road, after a complaint from a member of the public who spotted mouse droppings and damaged food.

The officers found an extensive mouse infestation, with a large quantity of food on sale which had been chewed and contaminated.

They concluded that there was an imminent risk to health and barred the company from selling food.

The spoilt food was seized by officers and a destruction order secured from Hull Magistrates' Court.

Hull Council said yesterday that the business was not experienced in selling food and Tradex staff had acted immediately on their own initiative to stop most of the food sales.

The council's Pest Control Service provided support by advising the company on making the building mouse-proof to prevent further problems.

Hull Council said as a result of the full co-operation of the business and the swift destruction of the affected food, it was not proposed to take further action against the company as it accepted that serious mistakes were made.

Trevor Todd, Assistant Head of Service for Citysafe, said: "The selling of food by the business was a new venture and one that they had little experience or knowledge of.

"The company have fully co-operated with the requests of officers and the legal notices served on them.

"Additionally, they are undertaking the necessary works to eradicate the infestation in liaison with our professional pest controllers."

A spokesman for Tradex said: "As soon as we found out we had a problem we got rid of all the food to be on the safe side."

The business is continuing to sell fruit, vegetables and drinks from the front of the premises as the mouse infestation occurred elsewhere.