Former England player Mills set to line up for marathon in wheelchair

FORMER England defender Danny Mills is to take part in the Brighton Marathon in a wheelchair to raise the profile of a charity that supports victims of illnesses which claimed the life of his baby son Archie.

Mills, 32, who retired from football through injury in August, is a patron of the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Archie had both conditions and died within minutes of being born in 2002.

"There's not a day goes by where you don't think what might have been," said Mills, who has already begun a rigorous training schedule ahead of the marathon next April.

"But for me doing the charity work is because I don't want Archie's death to be in vain, I want some good to come of it."

Mills, who won 19 caps for England and played in the Champions League semi-final for Leeds United, is also supporting the National Association of Disabled Supporters.

Mills, who will also spend a week in a wheelchair in the lead-up to the marathon, said: "One or two people have said you shouldn't be promoting wheelchair use because you don't understand the full implications, and I can accept that. But should I not be allowed to campaign for poverty because I'm not poor?"