YP Letters: Ditch bosses to sort out NHS deficit

Jarvis Browning, Main Street, Fadmoor, York.

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Fracking protesters at a demo - should shale gas be extracted in North Yorkshire?

YP Letters: Listen to the people and halt fracking

From: Tim Norman, Yorkshire Party member in East Yorkshire.

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Can the safety of fracking be guaranteed?

YP Letters: Tower blaze raises question of fracking safety

From: Duncan Forbes, Charlbury, Oxfordshire.

Opinion 1
Thirsk and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake.

YP Letters: Ominous silence from MP over fracking plan

From: Anne Nightingale, Station Road, Helmsley.

Opinion 2
A fracking rig.

YP Letters: Election outcome may save us from fracking

From: Steven M White, Great Edstone, York.

Opinion 4
Was the election an endorsement of fracking or not?

YP Letters: Vote was not endorsement of fracking

From: Michael Farman, Willow Grove, Beverley.

Opinion 1
kevin Hollinrake was re-elected as Thirsk and Malton MP's on June 8.

YP Letters: MP’s pledge to repay trust – and to strive to deliver Brexit

From: Kevin Hollinrake, Thirsk and Malton MP, Market Place, Easingwold.

The election is being interpreted in Ryedale as a vote in favour of fracking.

YP Letters: Election was a good result for fracking

From: David Pasley, Pickering.

Opinion 1
A fracking rig.

YP Letters: Excited to see pro-fracking Tory MP re-elected

From: Dr Graham Marshall, Rosedale Abbey, Pickering.

Opinion 1
What happens to fracking following the election?

YP Letters: Pro-fracking MPs increase their majorities

From: Lorraine Allanson, Rains Farm Holidays, Allerston, Pickering.

A shale fracking rig.

YP Letters: The majority didn’t oppose fracking bid in Ryedale

From: Lorraine Allanson, Allerston, Pickering.

Opinion 3
Anti-fracking activists in North Yorkshire.

YP Letters: Outlaw fracking in Robin Hood’s famed forest

From: John Appleyard, Firthcliffe Parade, Liversedge.

Opinion 1
Fracking continues to divide opinion.

YP Letters: End subsidies to fossil fuels and invest in green technology

From: Simon Bowens and Kierra Box. Campaigners, Friends of the Earth, London.

Opinion 2
The tactics of anti-fracking activists have been questioned.

YP Letters: Fracking activists risk more harm by smoking

From: Sam Grant, Huntington Road, York.

Opinion 8
The River Wharfe at Buckden last weekend.

YP Letters: Fracking industry will be drain on Yorkshire water supply

From: AN Burlak, Kilham.

Should North Yorkshire residents be 'guinea pigs' for fracking?

YP Letters: Neighbours don’t want to be fracking guinea pigs

From: Michael Farman, Willow Grove, Beverley.

Will today's North Yorkshire County Council elections be a referendum on fracking?

YP Letters: Vote is chance to strike back at fracking

From: Anne Nightingale, Helmsley.

Could fracking lead to the upgrade of the A64?

YP Letters: Fracking might well allow drivers to step on gas

From: Mike Potter, Pickering.

Opinion 5
Fracking opponents outside North Yorkshire County Council.

YP Letters: Hold authorities to account to break the grip of fossil fuels

From: Margaret McSherry, Wenningdale Action Network, Bentham, North Yorkshire.

Opinion 6
Fracking protesters at Kirby Misperton.

YP Letters: Fracking cash a case of too good to be true

From: Steven M. White, Great Edstone, York.

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