Fresh wave of ‘luxury’ beach chalets for Whitby

Some of the existing beach chalets on the 'West Cliff sea wall at Whitby.
Some of the existing beach chalets on the 'West Cliff sea wall at Whitby.
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THEY have had a timeless appeal for generations of holidaymakers as a place to relax, looking out to sea.

Whitby’s popularity Britain’s top tourist destinations has led to a big demand for beach huts.

Now Scarborough Borough Council is to install 10 “luxury” chalets at West Cliff.

The council is spending £94,000 on the huts, which will be one-and-a-half times bigger than the current ones and will have water and electricity.

Painted in cheerful primary colours, they will be on a raised area above the beach management centre looking straight out onto Whitby Bay.

Council officials believe the latest huts – although dearer to rent –will be snapped up on completion next spring as there are already 36 people on their waiting list.

Coun David Chance said: “People want comfort; aspirations are changing; people want value for money, they want a little bit of quality.

“These are what I’d call luxury chalets. They are much bigger than the existing chalets and will have cooking facilities, power and water.”

He added: “There’s nothing wrong with the existing chalets – maybe they are a little tired but they are much loved.

“They have been family institutions for generations – a lot of the same families that were there when I first started working down there 50 years ago on my first summer job.

“They are very popular and there’s a vociferous lobby down there if you try and change anything.”

A report to be considered by the council’s cabinet said there was already “significant interest” from would-be chalet holders.

“Officers are of the opinion that if accompanied by a formal marketing campaign the new chalet provision will be fully subscribed immediately upon completion,” it said.