Fry makes guitarist’s tweet dreams true

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A ONE-WORD music “review” by actor Stephen Fry – which simply said “wow” – has brought a relatively unknown Yorkshire singer-songwriter to international attention.

Leeds-based guitarist Jon Gomm’s latest single, Passionflower, has been viewed over one million times on YouTube after Fry posted the briefest of comments on Twitter.

Mr Gomm, 35, has played his share of small-scale venues, including a car park in Barnsley, but his new-found fame has led to a huge rise in offers to play across the globe.

His YouTube success has led to requests to appear on TV stations in Holland, Portugal and Turkey, as well requests to tour Europe and Australia. During his performances the musician tunes and retunes his acoustic guitar while playing and strikes the instrument to add a percussive effect.

Mr Gomm, who lives at East End Park in Leeds, told the Yorkshire Post that he wanted to thank Fry for his one-word review.

“I just want to thank him and say ‘I’m glad you like it’. Just one tweet and that’s it.” However, he admitted that it felt a bit “odd” to be the centre of attention after many years as a musician.

“The best thing is how happy the people are who have been following my music for years. I’m pleased about that.”

His music can be downloaded from his website.