GCSE results: Girls flourish in single-sex environment

THE HEAD of the private school with the best GCSE results in the region has said teaching girls in a single-sex environment has allowed them to flourish in subjects traditionally thought of as being the domain of male students.



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The Girls Grammar School at Bradford saw all 69 of its GCSE pupils achieving five good grades including English and maths last summer.

Head mistress Kathryn Matthews said: "These results support our firm belief that girls respond to a rigorous curriculum and achieve their full academic potential in a single-sex environment.

"Our pupils develop into successful and confident young women without the limitations of gender stereotyping or social distractions.

"More and more parents are aware of this and we are supported by growing numbers.

"The Girls' Grammar School at Bradford is a centre of excellence in the development of women leaders. We encourage girls to excel in male-dominated subjects such as maths, engineering, science and design technology with great success. Well done to our GCSE and sixth form pupils they are all ambitious and extremely motivated and I am sure will go on to lead the way at university and in the world of work".

The table showing the performance of private schools at GCSE does not include those sitting international qualifications.