Generous public reach out to brave Leeds toddler

Raya Grimes, aged 16 months, suffers from over 200 seizures a day
Raya Grimes, aged 16 months, suffers from over 200 seizures a day
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Sitting back and relaxing in our favourite chair is something many of us take for granted.

But for Raya Grimes this makes all the difference because until recently, she was unable to sit comfortably as she suffers from a severe form of epilepsy that causes painful muscle spasms and seizures.

Thanks to the generous donations of strangers, Raya will finally be able to get the specialist seating equipment she needs to support her body properly and prevent her from falling.

Raya suffers from a condition called West Syndrome that leaves her unable to sit, feed or position herself properly.

Her mum, Lindsay Schofield had appealed for help in order to raise enough money for a specialist chair known as a PPod which would help to support her spine and allow her to sit safely.

After her story appeared in The Yorkshire Post last month, donations poured in and strangers generated a total of £1,225,

She said: “It just shows how many thoughtful people there are out there. It has made my heart flutter and brought a smile to my face; this piece of equipment will help the whole family.”

At a cost of £797, the family were initially unable to afford the PPod chair, so they turned to the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children.

The charity runs fund-raising campaigns on behalf of sick children who are unable to afford the specialist equipment they need to help manage their illnesses.

Newlife’s Head of Operations Stephen Morgan said that the chair will make a significant different to Raya’s quality of life.