Getech’s record £3m deal with Angola

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​OIL exploration firm Getech ​​Group has won its largest ever single new contract, worth £3m, with ​the Angolan National Oil Company, Sonangol​.​

​Leeds-based Getech​ will create structural interpretations ​of​ the geological basins of ​the Southern African country.​

Sonangol has responsibility for overseeing and managing the oil and gas exploration and production in the Republic of Angola.

The work ​will ​involve a wide range of Getech’s ​technical ​skills including gravity and magnetic data interpretation, structural mapping​ and​ plate modelling​.

The project will integrat​e large datasets to generate a comprehensive map for future exploration across the region.

The work is due to start immediately and ​Getech anticipates that most of the income will be recognised in the current financial year.

​​Raymond Wolfson, chief executive of Getech, said:​ “This is an excellent start to the year and gives confidence that the company will meet the current year market forecasts.

“This contract represents our largest proprietary project to date. Such contracts are only feasible because we have built a large team of geoscientists, many of whom are specialists in the particular disciplines required and who can integrate their disciplines into our Globe exploration platform.”

Last month, Getech reported a strong end to its financial year after signing a number of new contracts worth more than £3m in total.

The company was hit by lower spending across the whole oil and gas exploration sector late last year, but the group said it is now seeing strong demand for its consultancy services.

The firm, which was spun out from the University of Leeds, said it is confident this will continue over the coming year.