Getting cut down to size

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From: Mrs June Wolfe, Sutherland Road, Lightcliffe, Halifax.

SEEING the cartoon in your paper (Yorkshire Post, January 24) where Horace had cut the legs of a table too short reminded me of a similar happening.

I had inherited a bed from my granny and as it was for our daughter’s bedroom the legs were too long. I therefore got a joiner to cut them down. Unfortunately he had trouble getting them the right length and when he finally did the bedspread was trailing on the floor!

This was in the days when nearly every household possessed a Brentford Nylons bedspread and they didn’t have a hem. I therefore simply took my scissors and crawled on the floor snipping to the desired length – good old Brentford Nylons!

Living the life

From: Audrey Ball, Coppice Close, Chesterfield.

YOUR article on bowel cancer gave rise to a wry smile (Yorkshire Post, January 30).

My mother had a colostomy in 1939 and died aged 97. I had an ileostomy in 1995 and am happy to have reached 90 years old last August. I am sure we are not the only patients to have lived far longer than the five-year promise.

Kind heart?

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

WILL Lord Coe, the head of the London Olympic organisation, lose his coronet and be stripped off his title, if it is found, after the torch has been extinguished, the costs of the event have spiralled so much out of control the taxpayer will be asked to cough up to fill the black hole?