Giveaway car stickers aim to promote safer driving

A new scheme to cut the number of deaths on Doncaster's roads has been announced.

Drivers who sign up to Doncaster Council's "Community Pace Car" scheme are given red and blue stickers saying "Community Pace Car Scheme, Driving Safely for a Safer Community" for their cars to show they agree to keep to the speed limits and drive safely.

The Mayor of Doncaster, Martin Winter, is one of the first people to have signed to the scheme. It is hoped the cars with the stickers will act as mobile traffic calming and reduce the speed of traffic around them, helping to reduce road casualties.

Mr Winter said: "Hundreds of lives are ruined by careless drivers on our roads each years and the vast majority of these could have been avoided by simply driving within the speed limit and appreciating road safety.

"The message is simple, speed can kill. "Last year there were nearly 1,700 casualties on Doncaster's roads and something must be done about it."

Similar schemes being run in other parts of the country have proved highly successful, he said.

Contact the Community Pace Car hotline on 01302 737538 for more information.