Global support to bring King Richard III back home to Yorkshire

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The campaign to bring Richard III’s remains back to Yorkshire has attracted support from around the world with people sending their backing from as far afield as South America, Africa and Europe.

The story of the king discovered beneath the tarmac of a council car park in Leicester has intrigued the public and last month campaigners were at London’s High Court for the latest stages of a legal battle over where Richard III should be buried. The Yorkshire Post is supporting those who want his remains returned to Yorkshire.

A judgement over whether permission for the regal bones to be re-buried in Leicester should be overturned will be made at a later date with campaigners arguing public talks should be held on such an important national issue.

Campaigners have produced a map which shows that they have received support from over 500 locations, including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Japan, Spain, the Philippines, Nigeria, South America and South Africa.

Kim Harding, one of those involved in the campaign said: “I believe support for a York re-interment is worldwide and growing.”

She believes that the support from across the globe shows the campaign: “is not about York per se, but about Richard’s deep and meaningful connection to that city and its minster.”

A number of comments in support of the monarch being reinterred at York Minster have been added to an online petitions.

JoeAnn Ricca, of Las Vegas, says: “It is well known of all the places in England, Yorkshire was home to him and important.”

“This is not about Leicester or York, but about doing what is right and we have that chance. Bring him home to the north where he belongs,” she adds.

Monique Warnock, of Bunbury, in Western Australia, says: “Richard should be buried in his home of York, not where he died.”

Stephen Buchanan, of Vancouver, Canada, says: “A king should be buried in his Kingdom.”

While, Daniel Cavazos, of Mexico, posts: “The king should find his way back home now.”

The Plantagenet Alliance, a group of the king’s collateral descendants who want his remains to be reinterred in York, are challenging the processes surrounding the Ministry of Justice’s decision to grant a licence to allow the University of Leicester to remove the monarch’s remains and bury him at Leicester Cathedral. Campaigners argue public talks should have taken place and say he should be buried at York Minster.

People can sign an online petition in support of the camapign by visiting: