‘Good news on way’ for offshore wind sector

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THE Energy Secretary has revealed “good news” is imminent of significant new investment in the UK’s offshore wind sector as Labour accused the Government of risking green jobs with mixed messages over the environment.

Ed Davey told MPs he is aware of “major investments” in green energy which are poised to move forward, and told the Commons he expects to make “further announcements shortly”.

His words will offer some comfort to political leaders in the Humber region who were rocked this week by the announcement that proposals to build a massive offshore wind farm in the Bristol Channel have been abandoned.

German energy giant RWE npower said it is cancelling the project owing to technical issues.

That decision caused concern in the Humber, where up to 10,000 jobs could be created if proposals for two massive North Sea wind farms proceed as planned.

Labour’s shadow energy Minister Julie Elliott said the Government was “scaring away investment” by refusing to adopt targets to give investors confidence.

But Mr Davey said the Government had a “very good record” in attracting investment, and hinted repeatedly that a major announcement is now imminent.

“There have been significant new investments in renewable energy, and I expect to make further announcements on that shortly,” he said.

“I am certainly not complacent, but I am aware of major investments that we believe will go forward, and that will reassure the industry and the supply chain.”