Google Glass head-mounted computer made available in UK for the first time

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GOOGLE Glass – the wearable internet device that delivers messages, news and calls from your mobile directly to your field of view – has been made available to users in the UK.

Britons will now be able to buy the device directly from the Glass website as part of the product’s Explorer Program, the name Google gives to users of the device – who Google says are testing it for them in real life situations.

The Glass Explorer Program allows anyone over the age of 18 to buy the prototype headset and until now it has only been open to US residents, giving them the chance to test Glass while it is still being developed by the search engine giant.

Getting hold of Glass however will set you back £1,000.

Just last month the project was extended to normal consumers in the US for the first time, having previously only been available to developers who wanted to experiment with the headgear while creating software for it. As well as the wearable technology itself, Google announced four new apps for the device, known as Glassware, including StarChart, which shows constellation maps in the sky as they look at stars.

An app for the Guardian will also deliver headlines directly to the wearer’s eyeline. There are also apps for football news site and fitness app Zombies, Run!.