Government giving away British assets

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From: Gordon Bray, Grange Road, Golcar, Huddersfield.

JUST what are our MPs and Ministers trying to do to this country?

First they decide to build a new nuclear power station and go cap in hand to China for a loan and get the French to do all the design and build.

Then they decide to build a new high speed rail line and David Cameron organises a visit to China on some pretext or other and then holds his hand out for a loan to pay for it.

No doubt the contract to build the line will be given to some foreign contractor and the rolling stock required will also be built abroad.

Next they sell off our postal service, at a giveaway price, which will undoubtedly end up in foreign hands as has happened to most of our existing assets.

Now they are talking about additional airport capacity for London (surprise, surprise) and when they eventually give up arguing about how this should be achieved they will probably award the contact for the build to some foreign company who will encourage our eastern European friends to come over in droves to actually do the work.

I really do despair.

From: Frank Bradbury, Bradford Road, Huddersfield.

WITH reference to the letter from Richard Billups (Yorkshire Post, December 14), my first reaction was that this was a letter intended for publishing on April 1.

Question: As a person with left wing tendencies, where would he place Gordon Brown?

Prime Minister David Cameron has led more trade missions in three years than Blair and Brown led in 13 years in a serious effort to encourage and gain trade and therefore jobs for our people. Mr Billups states “he is the worst PM witnessed since the war”.

This is is a vain statement 
and he gives no evidence to 
back it. Again, no recall of the 
wretched Gordon Brown’s premiership.

As I recall, Lib Dem Vince Cable was responsible for the Royal Mail sale and in setting its 
price, not David Cameron, accused of “placating his financial friends”.

The employees of Royal Mail were offered shares – friends of the PM?

He refers to the “Conservative Party” that “has no idea” on energy, transport, education, health, unemployment or defence.

Is he not aware that the Government is a coalition who inherited the largest deficit in history from Labour in a global recession?

Ed Miliband was the 
Energy Secretary who presided over an ageing power supply industry relying on expensive 
and unreliable imported 

We have at least a Government facing up to the problems inherited.

Falling from first to 16th in the world in education hasn’t happened in three years.

The cut-proof

From: AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds.

AFTER cutting all our expenses to the bone, there is still one place that has escaped it all, and that is Parliament.

Like our MPs’ costs and freebies many of them get, such as help to pay their own bills (expenses) that all other workers have to find out of their wages.

Also, the House of Lords where the number of members has increased to over a thousand.

They say that every penny counts, so the few million saved (at a stroke) counts for far more. So, which brave MP will come forward and start the ball rolling and offer to forfeit part or all of their expenses to help the poor, who have no wage increase for a few years?

After all, they only work part-time.

‘Outs’ are not anti-Europe

From: Dorothy Cope, Beckwithshaw, Harrogate.

THERE has been a lot of correspondence and letters recently regarding the “in” or “out” of the EU.

What isn’t generally appreciated is that the “outs” are not anti-Europe, in fact there is nothing they would like better than a free trade with Europe – the “outs” are simply anti-Brussels.

Why should this once 
great country have to obey rules and regulations thought up by this overpaid, unelected 

As per Jeremy Banyard (Yorkshire Post, December 12), what other businesses would be allowed to continue without the accounts being audited?

Who authorised this stupid, expensive, time-wasting move to Strasbourg every month?

Cameron’s feeble attempt to renegotiate terms with Brussels will never happen. The UK’s problems with shortage of housing for our own people, the NHS and overflowing schools and language problems are all due to uncontrolled immigration, all due to Brussels.

For centuries Great Britain has stood and thrived on its own as an island nation, with our Navy the best in the world.

Where, oh where, is the politician to get us out of this mess? We need a referendum now.

A Labour government would spend, spend, spend and the country would be bankrupt again.

From: KR Nichols, Drury Close, Pannal, Harrogate.

I MUST take issue with your various correspondents who have chosen to ignore the fact that there are two sides to balance sheets.

It is money that Britain is throwing at the EU and receiving very little back in exchange.

May I draw attention to the fact that the UK spends considerably more in the EU than it receives, of tens of millions of pounds every day? It is not only our universities and businesses that would benefit if this drain on our resources was brought to an end soon.

We should leave the EU.