Grand horse race turning into national disgrace

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From: Roger Dobson, Ash Street, Cross Hills, Keighley.

I APPRECIATE that the Grand National is the greatest steeplechase horse race in the world. But surely now enough is enough.

With two horses having had to be put down after last year’s race and again this year, the race has proved itself to be far too dangerous for the safety of the horses involved.

The multi-million pound involvement by those who support the race is probably the greatest in the world, but for the sake of the horses this year’s race must be the last.

From: Peter Hyde, Kendale View, Driffield.

I am not normally a person who wants to ban something because of the hazards, but I do feel we ought to look again at the jumps in the Grand National. This year many well-trained horses with competent riders came to grief resulting in the loss of two fine animals.

The problem seems to be in the fact that the landing side in some fences is lower than the take off side.

Why? The race can still be a challenge without needless risk given to horse and rider. Inevitably there will still be fallers but at least lets give them all a chance of completing the course in safety by adjusting the fences a little.

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

NOTHING like last year will happen, said the organisers, but it did. Again two horses died in the big death race. How long are horse lovers going to put up with this?

Death and destruction so that a lot of money may change hands. I hope those people who went home with a bulging wallet will stop and consider whether they have made the world any better.