Grieving mother wins payout for baby’s loss

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A mother-of-three has said she is still grieving for her baby boy who was stillborn after maternity staff failed to call for help from a more senior doctor during her painful labour.

Celinna Carr, 28, from Winson Green in Birmingham, lost her son Tischaurn on July 20 2009 after she suffered agonising pain as her labour began.

She was examined by a midwife and two junior doctors at Birmingham Women’s Hospital but none of them called for a more senior member of staff to check on her, though she pleaded for help.

By the time a senior doctor was called, over 90 minutes later, there was no trace of Tischaurn’s heartbeat.

Ms Carr was identified as a high-risk patient after two previously difficult births but said she felt “completely ignored” by staff.

An internal investigation identified failures by staff at Birmingham Women’s Hospital during Ms Carr’s care.

Ms Carr, who also has Tiearnay, 10, and Dante, five, and has since given birth to 20-month-old Luana, said losing her baby boy at the last minute has been incredibly hard to cope with.

“I felt like I was completely ignored by hospital staff despite being in such agony,” she said.

“I am still grieving for the little boy I carried and it’s been difficult carrying on with normal life.

“I have to stay strong for my other children but it is really hard coping with the thought that they will not get to grow up with their brother.”

Lawyers from Irwin Mitchell solicitors, who have secured Ms Carr a five-figure out-of-court settlement for her loss, have called on Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust to reassure other patients that steps have been taken to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Medical law expert Guy Forster said it was to the trust’s credit that it undertook an internal investigation and admitted its failings.