Growing fears for bilberries

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From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I AM grateful to Ken Cooke for clearing up the matter of bracken and its noxious qualities (Yorkshire Post, October 1). I shall now treat the beautiful ferns in my garden with less circumspection in the knowledge that only in appearance do they resemble bracken.

However, the crags near my house used to comprise mainly heather and bilberry. Now they are infested with bracken which is spreading despite the spirited efforts of local people.

It is feared that our bilberry-picking days will be numbered.

Gray day for errant biker

From: Andrew S Horton, Foston Lane, near Frodingham, Driffield.

I READ with a smile the letter from Ken Brooke (Yorkshire Post, October 1) about Sergeant Gray.

I remember him well as a very keen copper when he was in Beverley. He ran about in an upright Ford Pop.

He didn’t catch many people in it but he got me on my motorbike. He said it was rather noisy and got a steel tape out of his pocket and pushed it up the exhaust until it hit the engine and said “There are no baffles in there lad.”

I think I got fined £4.

Penalise missed appointments

From: Hilary Andrews, Wentworth Court, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

DAVID Cameron wants to trial extending the working hours of our GP doctors from 8am to 8pm (Yorkshire Post, October 1).

It would be easier to get an appointment if GPs were allowed to charge those not attending their booked appointments.

In August 2013 there were 292 failed appointments at our local surgery.

My dentist charges £5 for non-attendees before they can be seen again. Why can’t my GP?