Harry ‘devastated’ at the loss of life

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Prince Harry changed his plans for a visit to a Jamaican army base in light of the grim news from Afghanistan.

Harry, a captain in the Army Air Corps, was due to abseil down a tower at the headquarters of the Jamaican Defence Force in Kingston but instead watched other troops perform the display. St James’s Palace said the Prince took the decision himself because he did not think it was now appropriate.

The Prince was said to be devastated at the news of the deaths but there was no official comment from him.

Harry arrived at the Up Park Camp wearing desert fatigues and his pale blue Army Air Corps beret and was met by the Chief of Defence Staff, Major-General Anthony Anderson.

The Prince demonstrated his shooting prowess on a firing range., notching up a score of 39 out of 40.

He had breakfast with officers in their mess and met some of the troops informally.