Tom Richmond: Contempt where empathy is needed over care crisis

SYSTEMIC flaws in health policy were plain to see when Communities Secretary Sajid Javid played down the social care crisis when questioned by MPs this week.

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Treatment in Germany could save life of Yorkshire mother with ‘incurable’ cancer

Treatment in Germany could save life of Yorkshire mother with ‘incurable’ cancer

A DESPERATE £200,000 fundraising drive is underway to send a West Yorkshire mother-of-four to Germany for potentially lifesaving cancer treatment.

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Family doctor and healthy living author Dr Julie Coffey at home in Sheffield

The Yorkshire GP who says we can think ourselves slim

Yorkshire GP Dr Julie Coffey has written two books to help us lead healthier lifestyles. Catherine Scott reports.


Why the price of courgettes is rocketing

You may have noticed that the price of courgettes is higher than normal.

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The role of GPs is coming under scrutiny during the current NHS crisis.

YP Letters: NHS in crisis - Hanging on the telephone in attempt to speak to a doctor

From: Chris Butler, Oxford Walk, Gomersal.

Is Labour to blame for the National Health Service's ills?

YP Letters: NHS is a relic – it’s time to think again

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

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Mary Hinde who has finally found her voice at 21 thanks to staff at Henshaw's College in Harrogate who have helped her embrace new technology.

All but silent most of her life, meet the 21 year old who has finally found her voice

Until recently Mary Hinde’s vocabulary was limited to just two simple words. Born with severe physical disabilities and visually impaired, the 21 year from Dewsbury could only respond to questions which required a yes or no answer.

Dan walks with football hero against the odds

Dan walks with football hero against the odds

A man who was told he might never walk has walked 23 miles raising £1,400 for the hospital that treated him. Catherine Scott reports.

Mindfulness: Beverley Wright taking part in a meditation session at Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School.

Vital lesson in happiness - improving children’s mental health

The idea of promoting happiness in schools and raising awareness about the importance of children’s mental health provision is gaining momentum. Chris Bond reports.

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NHS in Huddersfield slaps ban on branded medicines and baby milk

NHS managers in Yorkshire have put a ban on patients getting access to branded medicines.

Almost one in 10 elderly people expect their health to suffer this winter because of the high cost of energy

Energy bills ‘will make one in 10 old folk sick this winter’

ALMOST ONE in 10 elderly people expect their health to suffer this winter because of the high cost of energy, according to a survey.

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Dianne Green, from Farsley, near Leeds, who went through four unsuccessful cycles of IVF before having her son William and twins Sophie and Charlie. Picture Tony Johnson.

Why cuts to IVF could deny thousands the chance of a family

As a creaking NHS looks to save £22bn in the next four years, there are fears that life-changing fertility treatment be among the first to face the axe. Sarah Freeman reports.

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YP Comment: Eating disorders

YP Comment: Eating disorders

Eating disorders can have a devastating impact, not only on the lives of those they afflict but their friends and family, too.

A suspected case of bird flu has been identified in Lincolnshire. (Library picture)

Another bird flu outbreak in Lincolnshire, weeks after Yorkshire incident

BIRD FLU has been confirmed in a flock of about 6,000 turkeys at a farm in Lincolnshire, weeks after a similar outbreak in the Yorkshire Dales.

The NHS is in critical condition, says Bradford MP Naz Shah.

Naz Shah: Short-term cuts have plunged the NHS into crisis

THE Government is running out of places to cut corners to save money on the NHS. It is showing a lack of respect and compassion as it fails to provide the healthcare that people need and deserve. Those who need care at home are having to make do with 15-minute flying visits.

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Hull Royal Infirmary

Triathlete Eleanor Penrose died ‘after Hull A&E sent her home without antibiotics’

An 18-year-old international triathlete from Yorkshire who died from sepsis after going to an accident and emergency department twice in 24 hours may have survived if she had been given antibiotics earlier, a coroner has ruled.

Hospital A&E units are under immense pressure.

YP Letters: How to remedy the NHS – Post readers offer their reform prescriptions

From: Madeleine Inglehearn, Fishers Lane, Chiswick.

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Retired Yorkshire doctors launch petition over national NHS managers

A GROUP of retired Yorkshire consultants has launched a petition calling for the resignation of national NHS leaders as the crisis in the health service continues.

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Sally Mays.

‘Take action against this failing health sevice watchdog’

CAMPAIGNERS have called for the Government to take action over continued failings at a health ombudsman which a bereaved Yorkshire family called “deeply upsetting and enormously frustrating”.

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YP Comment: Patients are the only consultants that the NHS needs to hire

CONTEXT is critical when it comes to the National Health Service – and the complaints highlighted by the Patients Association.

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