Dancer on the right steps to fitness

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It’s hard to get back into fitness after the festive excess. Catherine Scott talks to one physical trainer about motivation.

Physical trainer Suzy Newson knows what it is like to struggle with weight.

The former professional dancer’s weight yo-yoed after she had her twin daughters.

“I had tried all the diets some of which made me feel dreadful,” says the 45-year-old from Sheffield.

“Enough was enough. I realised my body needed the right nutrition and diet that was suitable for me.

“I started making small changes to my diet, researched and learnt more about nutrition, health and fitness. Then I took to the gym and aerobics classes to fulfill my love of dance and fitness.

“I soon realised I needed a bigger challenge to fulfill my health and fitness career. So I decided to sign up for a Personal Training course. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and it was definitely the right decision for me.”

Suzy qualified as a personal trainer in 2013 and has since gained 10 regular clients who are already reaping the benefits of her experience and inspire them to follow their dreams.

“It feels so comfortable and natural, it doesn’t feel like work.

But it could all have been very different if it hadn’t been for an injury she sustained, as dance was her first love.

Suzy took her first ballet class aged three and in her school years this paid off as she was always a keen performer in pantomimes.

Sport was also an important part of her life and she was captain of the netball team. She struggled with her asthma when exercising but this didn’t stop her doing what she loved doing.

She also knew her life didn’t revolve around study books as she was looking for that something else, something different to a nine to five job or going onto further education.

She felt that burning desire to express herself it was just working out how.

In 1987 she auditioned along with 1,000 hopefuls for 100 places and successfully landed a job as a Bluecoat. She spent a fantastic summer season working with the likes of 14 Bluecoats, and the now famous Bobby Davro, Bradley Walsh and many more. Things were looking up and she danced every week to open the show with two other female Bluecoats to the campers and this was the start of something amazing.

On leaving the holiday camp her close friend, and fellow Bluecoat secured a professional dancing post for them in the Far East.

Never thinking she was good enough and would be thrown out of rehearsals, she secured the contract and within two weeks she had left her home town of Norwich for a nine-month dancing contract touring the Far East.

She toured with four other English girls to Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea where she was lucky enough to attend the Seoul Olympics. She was having the time of her life.

This continued for four years until one day in March 1992 it came crashing down with a bump. She snapped the cruciate ligament in her knee which forced her early retirement.

After working closely with physiotherapists it was decided that her knee wasn’t strong enough to dance again and her career was over.

Sobbing and numb, she knew she had to fight to get it stronger again, and during re-habilitation she met her husband Richard.

She had been to school with Richard but didn’t know him well. They met at a school reunion in December 1993 and are still together now, with twin daughters.

Richard’s job moved them to Sheffield in 1995 and it was then Suzy realised she needed to find like-minded people in the fitness world and signed up to an aerobics instructors’ course where she qualified in 2000.

She then had a successful class for over five years. Their twins came along in 2003 and the classes were put on hold.

After ten years of playing mum, Suzy decided to return to the fitness world and hasn’t looked back.

She has come up with her top tips to help people stick to a health lifestyle.

“Don’t panic if you don’t see results straight away just keep going... they will appear.”